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Fitness is the most important tool for success. For massive success you will have to fit mentally, physical and emotionally fit.

Physical fitness comes from exercise and healthy food,mental fitness comes from practice gratitude, writing a journal, meditation, yoga and proper sleep. Here I talk about some other extra fitness tool which is emotionally fit . Anger, love, hatereted, compassion, forgiveness are the emotions. Among them anger, hatereted are negative emotions and love, compassion and forgiveness are positive emotions. If you always remain in state of anger you have a risk of cancer like desieses the same thing happen when you constantly remain in hatereted to someone. Hatereted increases the chances of brain tumor. Very stubborn people have greater chances of kidney desiesess among them kidney stones are majorly seen.

So you have to feed your mind and soul with a positive emotions like love, forgiveness, compassion. So it isโ€ฆ

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