Finally Reached!!#17πŸ•Ί


Hlww dear,hope u guys are doing gud. After a long time I am posting the reason that why I am not posting is in this blog.

Srry guys this is not a fitness blog. Guys, if u read out my previous award blogs u guys are able to found that I am away from my parents during this pandemic and live with my uncle in Rohtak city,haryana,India for my clg studies, but my parents are in Varanasi,U.P . I many time told him let me go alone but he can’t allow me travel alone( I know he is right)

My happiness is no limit when I hear that my older bro is going to Varanasi for his work, when I requested to my uncle again them he allows me to travel with my brother.

The another prob. arises when I entered in my village. All the villager neglect me to enter in the village but coz of my father identity I got an entry in the village with some condition and the condition are quiet difficult for me. The conditions are as follow:-

1:- I can’t use any gadget(mine too)🀬

2:- I have’t allow to meet any of my buddies.πŸ˜”

3:- There is my seperate room πŸ˜”.

spread stuff😝😝

They all treat me like corona patient(while I also had reports of being negative)😊 but I know all these conditions are good for me, my family and the village too and all the prob.are for 14 days but inspite of the happiness of meeting my parents these condition is not even there.


Thnxx for reading and plizz tell me in the comment section that this has happened to u once.

Keep supporting. New blog is coming soon. Love u😍β™₯️

Stay home , Stay safe

Fitness freaks….

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